Amira for Them

Amira for Them

Providing individual, couples and family psychotherapy

We are dedicated to providing high-quality psychotherapy services that cater specifically to the needs of the LGBTQIA+ community across all of New York State. Our treatment specialization encompasses a wide range of emotional and behavioral issues, ensuring comprehensive support for individuals seeking personal growth and well-being. 

Our services include: 

Individual Therapy for  everyday issues, relationship and workplace challenges, and challenges like Depression and Anxiety: 
We offer compassionate and supportive psychodynamic psychotherapy to help clients navigate and manage their life experiences,  we offer supportive psychodynamic and evidence-based therapy for those dealing with mental health challenges like depression and anxiety. Our goal is to create a foundation for your improved mental health and emotional well-being. 

Couples Counseling: 
Our experienced therapists provide a safe and inclusive space for couples to enhance their communication, deepen their connection, and strengthen their relationships. We support couples in navigating relationship challenges and fostering healthier dynamics. 

Family Counseling: 
We understand the importance of family support and offer counseling services that address family dynamics, communication, and conflict resolution. We work collaboratively with families to promote understanding, healing, and healthy relationships. 

Parenting Support: 
Our therapists offer guidance and support to parents in navigating the unique challenges of raising LGBTQIA+ children. We provide a nurturing environment where parents can explore effective strategies, enhance communication, and foster a supportive and affirming family environment. 

Grief Counseling: 
Losing a loved one can be an overwhelming and challenging experience. Our therapists provide compassionate support and guidance to help individuals navigate the grieving process, fostering healing and facilitating the journey towards acceptance and resilience. 

Work and Career Issues: 
We recognize the impact that work-related stress and career challenges can have on one's well-being. Our therapists offer guidance and support to help individuals navigate work-related issues, develop coping strategies, and cultivate a healthier work-life balance. 

Stress Management: 
Our therapists work with clients to develop effective stress management techniques and coping mechanisms, empowering them to navigate life's challenges with resilience and balance. 

Conflict Resolution: 
We specialize in assisting individuals in resolving conflicts and navigating challenging interpersonal dynamics. Our therapists provide guidance and strategies to foster effective communication, understanding, and resolution. At Amira for Them, we create a comfortable and supportive atmosphere where clients can openly express themselves without fear of judgment. We believe in a highly personalized approach, tailoring our therapeutic interventions to meet each client's individual needs. Our dedicated therapists are committed to empowering clients on their journey towards personal growth, healing, and a more fulfilling life. 

Contact us today to embark on your transformative journey with Amira for Them Therapy Services. Together, we can create a future where all LGBTQIA+ individuals thrive and find support. Schedule your FREE consultation with us today at  or call 646-662-4049, or email Director Shar Simon at [email protected]

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